Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I download a copy of your Terms & Conditions?
You will be directed to a link containing our T&C, which you must sign and agree to, before your booking will be accepted. You can download a copy before proceeding with your booking at this stage or alternatively please download via the link at the foot of this page.


Q: Can I register for a place now and pay later?
You can reserve your place now by making one deposit payment at the time of booking and then spread the cost of your course over 2 or 3 instalment payments. Your last instalment must be paid no later than 7 days prior to your course start date.
Instalment plans can be set up by 'phone or alternatively by using our Booking Form, which you can print and post or complete electronically and email to us.

Please call us on 01525 713377 to set up your instalment payments or download the Instalment Payment Booking Forms.

Q: I booked a course but haven't received a booking confirmation
When you book a course online you will immediately receive two automated email confirmations - one confirms your credit or debit card payment (from our Credit/Debit Card Provider) and one from ourselves. If you have not received either of these then the chances are that these confirmations have either been diverted (by your email programme) into your "spam" folder, or that you have inadvertently mis-spelt your email address during the booking process. If you have received one, but not the other, then the missing email is almost certainly sitting in your spam folder. This frequently happens with "free" email accounts such as hotmail. If you still cannot find them, or would like a replacement booking confirmation, please email us directly (not via our contact form) to:  This then confirms the validity of your email address.
Alternatively, if you have made a booking but would prefer your booking details to be posted to you, then please email us separately stating at which address you would like to receive them.

Q: Do I need to do any preparation before the course?
Depending on the course chosen we will email you either a "Pre-Course Reading Assignment" or a "Home Study Kit" at the time of your booking, or you can download these by logging into the Client Log-In Area. Ideally you should complete these assignments before attending the course, but in exceptional circumstances they can be completed after the course (for instance if you have booked just prior to the course date). We will ask you to confirm that you have completed this study period when you attend the course, or will ask you to confirm by email if you have completed it afterwards.

Some courses such as our one day Supplementary Healthcare Courses do not have a pre or post assignment.

Q: When does the course start and finish? How many breaks will we get?
The course runs over either one or two full days. Our two day courses run over two concurrent weekdays or one weekend. Start times for all courses are 9.30am and finish time is around 5.00pm (+/- 30 minutes). Please check your booking confirmation for exact times. We will have a morning and afternoon break of around 15 minutes, and a lunchtime break of usually 45-60 minutes. Please note that end of day timings are approximate and may over or under-run by up to 30 minutes.

Q: How large are the classes?
We have small class sizes, usually between 10 and 14 students.  This gives everyone a fair chance and ample time to practice and fully participate in our practical sessions.

Q: Will I need to take notes during the theory sessions?
We suggest you may like to make notes as you work through the course, which is a mix of slides, demonstrations and (for some courses) short videos. However, this is not a neccessity and we will make available to you a full set of the notes at the end of the course in addition to support material to guide you during and after completion.

Course notes are available to download during and after the course using the password provided to you at the end of each day.

Q: How should I be prepared?
We recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes before the start time. The venue reception staff will guide you to the training room(s), and you will also see signage for "Geopace Training".

Please ensure that you bring a notepad and pen.

Q: Will the course be mainly classroom-based?
You will be spending a part of the course looking at presentations, videos and (if required) making notes. However, there will be plenty of practical based sessions allowing you to look at and handle and use some of the equipment that health care professionals use, as well as forming into groups for a fun quiz or two! We are sure that by the end of the course you will not only have had the opportunity to thoroughly practise your new-found skills, but will have had an enjoyable time as well.

Q: Will there be an examination at the end?
No, we do not ask you to sit an formal examination, although our teachers are there to help you and will monitor your progress throughout both days. Each module has a series of multiple choice questions associated with it, as well as some fun crosswords and wordsearches to help you remember key facts. These are all designed to help you gain the points needed to pass the course.

Q: I have completed your course. When will I receive my certificate?
For accredited courses: Upon successful completion of the course your OCN Accredited Certificate is posted to you. Usually this is within 6-8 weeks. However, if you have a job interview coming up and have not yet received your certificate we can provide you with an email to confirm your successful completion of the course and to confirm your award status.

For unaccredited courses: You will receive a "Certificate of Completion", either handed to you at the end of the course or posted to you.

Q: How long does the certificate last?
Your accredited certificate is recommended for renewal 18 months after the certificate date (a one day refresher course renews for theory and practical knowledge), however we strongly recommend that you take our refresher course after 12 months if you have not actively worked in the healthcare sector. You will then be issued with a new certificate and up-to-date validity.

Q: Who are the lecturers?
We have a team of highly qualified tutors, some currently working within the NHS or Private Practices, and all having high competency skills in both teaching and healthcare. On any one course we usually have at least two teachers alternating between teaching you and assisting you through the course practical sessions.
All of our tutors are friendly and helpful, and will make you feel at ease and very welcome. They will ensure that you progress well and have an enjoyable time.

Q: Are there opportunities for funding for this course?
Yes, there are a number of institutions who may offer funding on condition that you fall into a qualifiable category. Your local JobCentre Plus may be able to help you with funding, or alternatviely visit your local library for a list of grants and fund providers local to you.

For national funding options see the National Careers Service website at:

or alternatively:

Q: What benefits will an Accredited Certificate be to me?
The successful completion of our accredited courses culminates in the awarding of an OCN (Open College Network) Accredited and Nationally Recognised Certificate.
Most healthcare job applicants (for trainee positions), especially in the NHS, have no previous experience or qualifications. Applicants that can demonstrate that they have already made a significant commitment towards training are likely to have an strategic advantage and can significantly improved their chances of gaining employment.
Trainee posts (Pay Band 2) within the NHS will offer you valuable "on the job" training. Once you have gained this competency and "hands on" experience with patients you may wish to apply for the better paid posts available elsewhere, including the private sector.

Q: Does this course give me a nationally recognised certificate?
The awarding body, OCN Credit4Learning, issues you with a Nationally Recognised Certificate. It is entirely at the discretion of an individual employer as to whether they choose to accept a specific qualification.
Currently there are no governing bodies for Phlebotomists and HCAs / carers within the UK. Our course is designed to provide you with a thorough grounding in these specific healthcare fundamentals, along with an OCN Accredited Certificate, and therefore may give you a powerful strategic advantage when applying for posts (for example NHS Pay Band 2 jobs). Many of our students have secured work following the successful completion of our course and this has led to prospective employees requesting a specific reference from us.

Q: I am visiting the UK to attend your course or planning to attend a course located outside of the UK. Will this course be helpful to me?
We have trained many students from outside the UK, either visiting here specifically to attend our course or attending one of our non-UK training venues. The awarding body awards you a UK Accredited Certificate and acceptability is entirely at the discretion of your employer or organisation. In many cases our students are looking to enhance their existing healthcare skill-sets to use outside of the UK or have no local training facilities that can match our extensive training itinerary.

Q: Will I be able to work on a self-employed basis?
The majority of carer positions within the UK are for part-time or full time PAYE positions, usually working within hospitals, clinics and surgeries on an employee (PAYE) basis. However, we are aware of some delegates who are working "freelance" in care homes or in the community. It is less common for phlebotomists to work of a "freelance" basis in the UK. However if you wish to become self-employed and offer these services you will need to have your own medical insurance and to register your self-employed status with HMRC. The following links may be helpful:

INSURANCE -,  or Google "medical indemnity insurance"

HMRC - A useful online guide:

Q: How can I enquire about your courses?
You can email us directly at:, or use our "Contact Form" which you will find at the foot of our Contacts Page. Alternatively you can see a selection of our courses on the CoursesPlus+ website below:

Q: Are your courses covered by Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, all our courses are fully insured with a comprehensive Public Liability Insurance policy. We have £2,000,000 Public Liability cover as well as Professional Indemnity and Employer insurance.

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